Process of Recruiting



2. Don’t be concerned about how many “stars” you have on the recruiting sites I assure you we don’t

3. Do work for yourself, make phone calls, send emails and create videos or video links, it shows us responsibility on your part

4. Your high school coach will not get you a scholarship, your talent as a student athlete will

5. Your high school coach will be honest with you and with college coaches, he wants what is best for you

6. The more game footage we see the better we feel about our evaluation of your talent as a student-athlete

7. A highlight film is important but try to back it up with game footage

8. Music on a highlight film is up to you, we mute it.

9. Be the best student you can be, challenge yourself with the courses you take

10. Test the SAT and or ACT early and repeat it at least two times

11. Don’t jump between tests; take one or the other

12. Sign a transcript release form in guidance so we can access your unofficial transcript

13. Many high schools do not include SAT/ACT info on transcripts, have copies that you can provide to us

14. There are specific times during the year when we can call you or return a call, be aware of them as many times when young men or their parents call and leave a message to return the call, we can’t

15. You being a Junior will not be able to receive calls from most colleges until May of 2014

16. See as many schools as you can especially in the spring, understand these are unofficial visits

17. Call the schools prior to your visit so we know you are coming

18. Be selective about your camp schedule, one day camps are the best for rising seniors

19. Go to camps at schools that have shown an interest in you, where there will be coaches from a variety of schools and where you will learn the game, IN THAT PRIORITY ORDER

20. Be careful about Combines, college coaches cannot attend them

21. Understand we only trust a 40 time we get on our own watches

22. Your height and weight is like your 40 time, we trust our measurements

23. Your strength and speed numbers are important, your functional strength (football strength) and on field speed are what counts. These will show on film.

24. Be first in line in camps, that means a lot

25. Compete in camps, one on ones are a great indicator of who you are

26. Your senior year performance is critical to your future success as a STUDENT-ATHLETE

27. Remember an offer is only an offer if it is in writing

28. Once an offer is made it does not last forever, you will need to make a choice and at times schools fill up positionally without you knowing it

29. Remember that the word “commitment” has special meaning, we take it seriously, “soft, silent, partial” really do not fit in well with a word as strong as commitment

30. Use the knowledge and experience of your parents, your siblings and your coaches and teachers; they have the advantage of having been there already

31. Enjoy the process, don’t let it overwhelm you

32. Pick the school where you will thrive as a student, as a player, and more important; AS A PERSON 33. Be thorough in your search, ask questions,

34. The only question that is a bad question is the one you don’t ask

35. Be careful to listen to hear what College Coaches are telling you, sometimes it’s not what you think you hear.

36. Be real careful about the coach who guarantees you something, or tells you what he feels you want to hear.

37. Be a good filter when it comes to hearing college recruiters, everyone has their own method of recruiting, you do it once, we do it every year

38. On your highlight film, don’t repeat highlights, don’t slow motion anything

39. Be very cautious about recruiting services that tell you they will get you a scholarship, they charge you.

40. When it comes down to it……YOU GET YOU RECRUITED