At Waxahachie ISD, we believe the educational journey is enhanced through the folding of athletic development and competition into the learning environment. Our coaches are intentional in teaching students the value of sportsmanship, unity, character and stewardship. They encourage students to persevere through the hard times and be humble in the good times. As an alumnus of Waxahachie High School, I have great pride in the storied history of Waxahachie Athletics. Our success is rooted in a proud community that provides students with unconditional support and encouragement. While we have new elite athletic facilities and historic fields and stadiums, it is the former, current and future Waxahachie Indian athletes who bring them to life and create lasting memories. If you love tradition and history, Waxahachie is for you. If you want excellence in academics, athletics and fine arts, Waxahachie is for you. If you value professional and transformational-style coaching, Waxahachie is for you. If you believe the journey is greater than the destination, Waxahachie is your home!

Coach Greg Reed '89

Director of Athletics