Indian Swim Team Takes 1st Place in The Colony – A First in 4 years!

The Waxahachie Swim team competed in The Colony, Texas on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at the 6A Annual Lewisville Hebron Invite. They raced against 6 other 6A teams. Since entering the 6A UIL Division, the Indian swim team has never taken first place at a Hebron Invitational. The WHS swimmers took to the deck with determination and the encouragement of Coach Pruitt to “dig deep for that last bit of EXTRA that you thought you never had.” On Saturday, the Waxahachie Indian Swim Team placed 1st overall.

The Lady Indians had some fast individual and relay events. Hannah Saenz, senior/captain started out the individual events by placing 1st place in the Individual 200 Freestyle, followed by a 2nd place in the 100 Butterfly. She was able to get 37 points to contribute to the WHS ladies’ scoreboard. Tyeler Hess, 11th grade, placed 1st in both the 50 and 100 Freestyle events, allowing her to earn 40 points for the Lady Indians. Keira Lehman, 10th grade, also had another impressive swim this week and earned high individual points in the 500 Freestyle by placing 2nd in the event. Lehman’s swim added 17 points to the ladies’ overall points. Both the 200 and 400 Freestyle Relay A teams claimed 1st place adding 80 points to the Lady Indians overall score. With an accumulation of those big numbers posted and the overall points earned by all the other hard working girls, the Lady Indians placed 2nd overall, just 4 points shy of 1st.

The Indian Men did an outstanding job on Saturday and claimed 1st in their division. The highlight of the day was when Cade Ferry, senior/captain broke the WHS 500 Freestyle record previously set in 2002. Not only did Ferry beat a long-standing school record, he also took 1st in the event and 1st in the 200 Freestyle Individual event. Ferry earned 40 heavy points to contribute to the WHS mens’ overall score. The WHS men brought in high points as several placed in top positions, earning them big numbers. And once again, the men took 1st in the 200 Freestyle Relay, making this a 3 meet in a row event win for Ferry, Asa Condor, Kyle Pickett, and Thomas Gattin. This event, along with their 2nd place 400 Freestyle Relay, earned 74 points and helped seal their spot in the men’s division.

The WHS Swimmers invite you to attend a meet this season and show your Waxahachie Spirit. The next swim meet is on Saturday, December 4, 2021 at the LISD Aquatic Center. Meet starts at 9:00 a.m.

The following are the WHS Individuals and Relays that placed in the top 6 of their events:

Women 200 Freestyle - 1st Place, Hannah Saenz
Women 200 Freestyle - 5th Place, Grace Garling
Men 200 Freestyle - 1st Place, Cade Ferry
Men 200 Freestyle - 3rd Place, Thomas Gattin
Men 200 IM - 4th Place, Asa Condor
Women 50 Freestyle - 1st Place, Tyeler Hess
Women 50 Freestyle - 4th Place, Addison Gifford
Men 50 Freestyle - 2nd Place, Thomas Gattin
Men 50 Freestyle - 3rd Place, Eric Tran
Men 50 Freestyle - 4th Place, Enrique Martinez
Men 50 Freestyle - 5th Place, Kyle Pickett
Women 100 Butterfly - 2nd Place, Hannah Saenz
Women 100 Freestyle - 1st Place, Tyeler Hess
Men 100 Freestyle - 3rd Place, Kyle Pickett
Men 100 Freestyle - 5th Place, Bryce Thomison
Women 500 Freestyle - 2nd Place, Keira Lehman
Women 500 Freestyle - 4th Place, Alyssa Bonnette
Men 500 Freestyle - 1st Place & WHS New Best Record – Cade Ferry
Women 100 Backstroke - 5th Place, Victoria Chavarria
Men 100 Backstroke - 3rd Place, Asa Condor
Women 100 Breastroke - 5th Place, Alyssa Bonnette
Men 100 Breastroke - 4th Place, Gabe Perez
Men 100 Breastroke - 5th Place, Enrique Martinez
Men 100 Breastoke - 6th Place, Eric Tran

Women 200 Medley Relay - 4th Place, Victoria Chavarria (10), Emma Perkins (10), Keira Lehman (10), Isa Alcala (10) - 30 pts
Men 200 Medley Relay - 5th Place, Gabe Perez (12), Kyle Pickett (12), Enrique Martinez (12), Bryce Thomison (9) - 28 pts
Men 200 Medley Relay - 6th Place, Darrell Sears (10), Tran Eric (11), Matthew Powerll (9), Luke Tran (12) - 26 points
Women 200 Freestyle A Relay - 1st Place, Tyeler Hess (11), Victoria Chavarria (10), Grace Garling (12), Hannah Saenz (12) - 40 pts
Women 200 Freestyle B Relay – 5th Place, Isa Acala (10), Addison Kimbrell (9), Emma Perkins (10), Kayla Brown(11) - 30 pts
Men 200 Freestyle A Relay - 1st Place, Cade Ferry (12), Asa Condor (11), Kyle Pickett (12), Thomas Gattin (12) - 40 pts
Men 200 Freestyle B Relay - 5th Place, Bryce Thomison (9), Gabe Perez (12), Judd Sears Nash (), Eric Tran (12) - 28pts
Women 400 Freestyle A Relay - 1st Place, Tyeler Hess (11), Keira Lehman(10), Grace Garling (12), Hannah Saenz (12) - 40 pts
Women 400 Freestyle B Relay - 5thPlace, Addison Kimbrell (9), Alyssa Bonnette (12), Haylee Flanagan (10), Kayla Brown (11) - 28 pts
Men 400 Freestyle A Relay - 2nd Place, Thomas Gattin (12), Enrique Martinez (12), Asa Condor (11) Cade Ferry (12) - 34 pts
Men 400 Freestyle B Relay - 5th Place, Joshua Reisner (11), Matthew Powell (9), Luke Tran (12), Judd Sears Nash (9) - 28 pts