WHS Swim Team Secures 1st Place at Ft Worth Southwest Winter Invite

Photo Credit: Waxahachie Indians

The WHS Swim team competed at the Southwest Winter Invitational in Ft Worth, Tx on Saturday, December 11, 2021. The Indian Men dominated the lanes and secured 1st Place out of ten teams. The Lady Indians, with several impressive races, took 2nd Place out of 9 teams.

The highlight of the meet was when Junior, Tyeler Hess, broke the Waxahachie High School record in the 50-yard freestyle that had stood since 2003. Her time of 26.21 beat the old record of 26.36.

Throughout the day the upperclassmen and veteran swimmers proved their ability by taking many first and second place individual spots which gained heavy points toward the overall team placement. However, if this season has proven anything about the entire WHS team, it has been the commitment to hard work, perseverance, and team unity. On Saturday, as in the past meets, the Indian swimmers came together and collectively contributed to the overall team score earning the “W” as a team. The hard-fought 4th-6th place wins from Ryan Sledge, Grace Garling, Alyssa Bonnette, Enrique Martinez, Gabe Perez, Judd Sears Nash, Kayla Brown, Lucas Kelley, and both the “B” relay teams gained necessary points. These 4th-6th place earnings helped to seal the WHS lead and ultimately the team win. It was a great day to be a WHS swimmer!

As the swim season narrows down, Tamara Pruitt, WHS Swim Coach, is expecting more records to be broken and individual personal best times to be achieved.

The Indians will be competing in Waco Midway on January 8th for their last regular season meet. The District 6–6A Championship Meet will be held on Wednesday, January 19th at 10:00 am at the Mansfield ISD Natatorium and the WHS swimmers would love to see you there to show your support and Indian pride.

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The following are the WHS Individuals and Relays that placed in the top 6 of their events:


Women 200 Freestyle - 1st Place, Hannah Saenz
Men 200 Freestyle - 1st Place, Cade Ferry
Men 200 Freestyle - 2nd Place, Thomas Gattin
Women 200 IM - 1st Place, Sidney Sambell
Women 200 IM - 2nd Place, Kiera Lehman
Women 200 IM - 6th Place, Alyssa Bonnette
Men 200 IM - 1st Place, Asa Condor
Women 50 Freestyle - 1st Place & New WHS Record, Tyeler Hess
Men 50 Freestyle - 1st Place, Thomas Gattin
Men 50 Freestyle - 3rd Place, Eric Tran
Men 50 Freestyle - 6th Place, Enrique Martinez
Women 100 Freestyle - 1st Place, Tyeler Hess
Women 100 Butterfly - 2nd Place, Hannah Saenz
Women 100 Butterfly - 3rd Place, Kayla Brown
Women 100 Freestyle - 1st Place, Tyeler Hess
Women 100 Freestyle - 2nd Place, Sidney Sambell
Women 100 Freestyle - 5th Place, Grace Gurling
Men 100 Freestyle - 2nd Place, Kyle Pickett
Men 100 Freestyle - 4thPlace, Judd Sears Nash
Women 500 Freestyle - 1st Place, Keira Lehman
Men 100 Backstroke - 1st Place, Cade Ferry
Men 100 Backstroke - 3rd Place, Asa Condor
Women 100 Breaststroke - 3rd Place, Kayla Brown
Men 100 Breaststroke - 1st Place, Gabe Perez
Men 100 Breaststroke - 2nd Place, Eric Tran
Men 100 Breaststroke - 4th Place, Lucas Kelley

Women 200 Medley “A” Relay - 2nd Place, Grace Garling (12), Sydney Sambell (10), Hannah Saenz (12), Keira Lehman (10) - 34 pts
Women 200 Medley “B” Relay - 4th Place, Addison Kimbrell (9), Ava Boughton (10), Kayla Brown (11), Ryann Sledge (10) - 30 pts
Men 200 Medley “A” Relay - 1st Place, Asa Condor (11), Gabe Perez (12), Enrique Martinez (12), Kyle Pickett (12) - 40 pts
Men 200 Medley “B” Relay - 4th Place, Darrell Sears (10), Lucas Kelley (9), Matthew Powell (9), Eric Tran (11) - 30 pts
Women 200 Freestyle “A” Relay - 1st Place, Ava Boughton (10), Grace Gurling (12), Kayla Brown (11), Tyeler Hess (11) - 32 pts
Women 200 Freestyle “B” Relay - 6th Place, Alyssa Bonnette (12), Haylee Flannagan (10), Ryann Sledge (10), Addison Kimbrell (9) - 26 pts
Men 200 Freestyle “A” Relay – 1st Place, Cade Ferry (12), Asa Condor (11), Enrique Martinez (12), Thomas Gattin (12) - 40 pts
Men 200 Freestyle “B” Relay - 4th Place Gabe Perez (12), Luke Tran (12), Judd Sears Nash (9), Eric Tran (11) - 30 pts
Women 400 Freestyle “A” Relay - 1st Place, Tyeler Hess (11), Keira Lehman (10), Grace Garling (12), Hannah Saenz (12) - 40 pts
Women 400 Freestyle “B” Relay- 3rd Place, Ryann Sledge (10), Alyssa Bonnette (12), Haylee Flannagan (10), Addison Kimbrell (9) - 32 pts
Men 400 Freestyle “A” Relay - 1st Place, Kyle Pickett (12), Cade Ferry (12), Enrique Martinez (12), Thomas Gattin (12) - 40 pts
Men 400 Freestyle “B” Relay - 2nd Place, Judd Sears Nash (9), Luke Tran (12), Josh Reiser (11), Gabe Perez (12) - 34 pts
Men 400 Freestyle “C” Relay - 3rd Place, Cullen Brown (10), James Garcia (12), Matthew Powell (9), Darrell Sears (10) - 32 pts